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1) If you could collab with any artist in the world, who would it be?
omg I don’t knoow I’ve never thought of it tbh
2) What kind of music or who has saved you in a way? 
uhh I’ve never been saved in anyway tbh :/
3) If you could have a skill, any skill, what kind of skill would you have?
The skill to learn new skills really fast :) but also better drawing skills would be nice

4) Has there been someone special in your life that you cherish a lot?
Yes a couple people actually ;u;
5) What are your favourite groups?
SNSD and Girls day
6) Say, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, also loads of money, where would you take them, and why? 
I would take them all over the world so we can eat all kinds of food and get fat together
7) If it was your birthday, what would you like for it, considering I’m purchasing it o3o.
I would like…  an alpacasso plushy :D
8) Have you had braces before?
Nope Thankfully
9) Would you go on the free drop zone kind of thing if I went with you? c: (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)
nuuuuuuuu! I’m too young to die, thank you
10) Draw me something cute or write me a small message ouo;

I’ll try to remember to draw you something later :3

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