kailerina said: There are a lot in this website, im not sure if it’s big enough tho~ minitokyo.net/Girls+G… I hope I could help ^^

Thank you so much!!!!!


I need HD pics of any one of snsd or girls’ day members! (The pictures have to be of a single member)

they need to be 1mb in size if you have any or know where to find any please let me know if for a project I’ve been looking for hours and can’t find anything myself,

It would be a big help to me! thank you!

Anonymous said: Well she's still under SM because all 9 of them just renewed their contracts for 3 years just prior to this incident. So she's still with them but I don't know how this all going to work out. I'm sure it's incredibly awkward for her :(

sigh I wish we knew more about what’s gonna happen OTL

just like how kris will always be mine. stay strong!
:’) Thank you so much

you can’t spell embarrassment without sm ent

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Anonymous said: What is sad that we may probably never hear the other girls' sides? I believe Jessica but I feel like SM probably made them vote against her ( since I read that they did that to the Exo members). Which is probably why she felt betrayed by them....

well if SM did make them vote against her then I don’t think Jessica would be feeling betrayed she probably understands the situation the other members are in, she probably does feel hate towards SM though. But what I don’t get is apparently she’s still under contract to them? Like what’s that about?

but I hope that everything works out for her and BLANC and that some day I’ll be posting her fashion designs on my kfashion blog

i had to post this… is so sad. i want ot9, she have to back.